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Joining another big time rock band was the last thing I was looking for, but as the tour went on, I really dug playing to a lot of people, the band sounded great, and just being out there again, got me over my depression and so I decided to hop on board.

Matt Cameron

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This pattern can also be heard on the ride cymbal during the bridge of "Bleed Together" (from the "Burden in My Hand" single). He opted instead for the Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute which is higher-pitched than maple and produces fewer overtones.

In 2010 Soundgarden reunited for new tour and released a new album King Animal on November 13 2012. In 1998 Cameron was invited to play on Pearl Jam's U. Additionally Cameron has served as the drummer for the side project bands Hater and Wellwater Conspiracy also acting as the lead singer for the latter.

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