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I cannot but be grieved to go from my native land, and especially from that part of it for whom and with whom I desired only to live; yet the dreadful apprehensions I have of what is coming upon this land may help to make me submissive to this providence, though more bitter.

Donald Cargill

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He returned later and tried to hold a communion but the service was interrupted and he was arrested briefly. After Cameron's death in July at the hand of dragoons Cargill continued to preach in the Torwood near Stirling and in September pronounced the sentence of excommunication against the key government figures who were persecuting the Covenanters: Charles II James Duke of York and James Duke of Monmouth Privy Councillors John Duke of Lauderdale and John Duke of Rothes the King's Advocate Sir George McKenzie and General Tam Dalziel of the Binns.

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