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After the picture had been shooting for a couple of weeks, Jean had a party at his house on a Saturday night. I escorted Barbara [Stanwyck] and stayed close to her throughout the evening. I was enthralled by her and terribly attracted to her, but I couldn't tell if she returned the favor. She was friendly, but not overly so. When the party was over, I drove Barbara back to her house on Beverly Glen and took her house key to open her front door. I had to bend over to find the lock, and I only opened the door a crack. I wasn't sure how to proceed. Would she invite me in, or would she just take her key, pat me on the cheek, and thank me for a lovely evening? And then I straightened up to look at her with what I'm sure was a hopeful expression, and I saw something I hadn't seen in her eyes before. It was a magical look of interest . . . and appreciation . . . and desire. I immediately took her in my arms and kissed her. I had never had a reaction from a woman like I had from Barbara. A different kiss, with a different feeling. We went into the house; we opened a bottle of champagne; we danced. I left at dawn.

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Evil's henchman Number 2 in all three films: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) and Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002). As Wagner is considered "a suave icon of American caper television including It Takes a Thief and Hart to Hart" Robert Glenister (Hustle's fixer Ash Morgan) commented that "to have one of the icons of that period involved is a great bonus for all of us". In 2005 Wagner became the television spokesman for the Senior Lending Network a reverse mortgage lender and in 2010 began as a spokesman for the Guardian First Funding Group also a reverse mortgage lender.

He also had a recurring role as Teddy Leopold on the TV sitcom Two and a Half Men. In movies Wagner is known for his role as Number Two in the Austin Powers trilogy of films (1997 1999 2002). Wagner's autobiography Pieces of My Heart: A Life written with author Scott Eyman was publiRobert Wagnerd on September 23 2008.

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