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Listening to the Gospel on Palm Sunday, it struck me that many people criticise Pontius Pilate for his role in the affair while letting the multitude go scot free. Pilate did what little he could to dissuade them from the extremely unpleasant course of action on which they were set, but the multitude kept shouting for a crucifixion. Pilate could not have done more without provoking a riot. The crucifixion when it happened was a victory for direct democracy against the effete, liberal paternalism of Pilate. If I am right, and the crucifixion be seen as an early victory for the principle of direct democracy, then it must follow...that good men should struggle to confound and frustrate the multitude whenever possible.

Auberon Waugh

#direct-democracy #men

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Auberon Alexander Waugh (pron. While lying on the ground waiting for an ambulance he said to his platoon sergeant: "Kiss me Chudleigh. " He later recalled however that "Chudleigh did not recognise the allusion and from then on treated me with extreme caution.

He was widely known by his nickname 'Bron'. Auberon Alexander Waugh (pron.

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