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One of the biggest challenges we had in the first decade was not that many people had personal computers. There weren't that many people to sell to, and it was hard to identify them.

Steve Case

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Kimsey groomed Case to become chairman and CEO when Kimsey retired and the transition formally took place in 1991 (CEO) and 1995 (chairman). Case later joined the company as a full-time marketing employee. As part of the changes that gave birth to Quantum Case changed the company's strategy creating an online service called Quantum Link (Q-Link for short) for the Commodore 64 in 1985 with programmer (and AOL co-founder) Marc Seriff.

In early 2011 he was selected by President Barack Obama to serve as Chairman of the Startup America Partnership and named to the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. In addition he serves as chair of the Case Foundation run by his wife Jean Case. Since his retirement as chairman of AOL Time Warner in 2003 he has gone on to build a variety of new businesses through his investment company Revolution.

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