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... we have created a man with not one brain but two. ... This new brain is intended to control the biological brain. ... The patient's biological brain is the peripheral terminal -- the only peripheral terminal -- for the new computer. ... And therefore the patient's biological brain, indeed his whole body, has become a terminal for the new computer. We have created a man who is one single, large, complex computer terminal. The patient is a read-out device for the new computer, and is helpless to control the readout as a TV screen is helpless to control the information presented on it.

Michael Crichton

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In 1970 he publiMichael Crichtond Five Patients a book which recounts his experiences of hospital practices in the late 1960s at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston Massachusetts. 5 million as well as a substantial percentage of the gross. In 1992 Crichton publiMichael Crichtond the novel Rising Sun an international best-selling crime thriller about a murder in the Los Angeles headquarters of Nakamoto a fictional Japanese corporation.

1 in television film and book sales (with ER Jurassic Park and Disclosure respectively). His literary works are usually based on the action genre and heavily feature technology.

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