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I thought of Sammy Glick rocking in his cradle of hate, malnutrition, prejudice, suspicions, amorality, the anarchy of the poor; I thought of him as a mangy puppy in a dog-eat-dog world. I was modulating my hate for Sammy Glick from the personal to the societal. I no longer even hated Rivington Street but the idea of Rivington Street, all Rivington Streets of all nationalities allowed to pile up in cities like gigantic dung heaps smelling up the world, ambitions growing out of filth and crawling away like worms. I saw Sammy Glick on a battlefield where every soldier was his own cause, his own army and his own flag, and I realized that I had singled him out not because he had been born into the world anymore selfish, ruthless and cruel than anybody else, even though he had become all three, but because in the midst of a war that was selfish, ruthless and cruel Sammy was proving himself the fittest and the fiercest and the fastest.

Budd Schulberg

#poor #anarchy

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Schulberg wrote the 1957 film A Face in the Crowd starring newcomer Andy Griffith in which an obscure country singer rises to fame and becomes extraordinarily manipulative to preserve his success and power. P. His niece Sandra Schulberg was an executive producer of the Academy Award nominated film Quills among other movies.

He was known for his 1941 novel What Makes Sammy Run? his 1947 novel The Harder They Fall his 1954 Academy-award-winning screenplay for On the Waterfront and his 1957 screenplay for A Face in the Crowd.

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