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Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle.

Elizabeth David

#holds #miracle #possibility

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In her later articles Elizabeth David expressed strongly-held views on a wide range of subjects; Elizabeth David abominated the word "crispy" demanding to know what it conveyed that "crisp" did not; Elizabeth David confessed to an inability to refill anybody's wineglass until it was empty; Elizabeth David insisted on the traditional form "Welsh rabbit" rather than the modern invention "Welsh rarebit"; Elizabeth David poured scorn on the Guide Michelin's standards; Elizabeth David deplored "fussy garnish. By this time David was no longer in love with her partner but remained with him from necessity. Soon after the publication of this book David was wooed away from her regular column in Harper's by Vogue magazine which offered her more money and more prominence.

They were nearly trapped by the German invasion of Greece in 1940 but escaped to Egypt where they parted. She was deeply hostile to second-rate cooking and to bogus substitutes for classic diElizabeth Davids and ingredients. Books on French and Italian cuisine followed and within ten years David was a major influence on British cooking.

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