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With lower start-up costs and a vastly expanded market for online services, the result is a global economy that for the first time will be fully digitally wired-the dream of every cyber-visionary of the early 1990s, finally delivered, a full generation later.

Marc Andreessen

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His experiences as an entrepreneur investor and board member at several large technology firms have positioned him to “draw insightful conclusions” about technology trends and help Andreessen Horowitz “stand out from the crowd” (The Economist). Featured on the cover of Time and other publications Andreessen became the poster-boy wunderkind of the Internet bubble generation: young twenty-something high-tech ambitious and worth millions (or billions) of dollars practically overnight. On July 6 2009 Andreessen and Horowitz announced their Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

He sits on the board of directors of Facebook eBay and HP among others. : /ænˈdriːsɨn/ an-DREE-sən; born July 9 1971) is an American entrepreneur investor software engineer and multi-millionaire. An innovator and creator he is one of the few people who has pioneered a software category (Web browsers) used by more than a billion people and establiMarc Andreessend several billion-dollar companies.

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