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God grant you the strength to fight off the temptations of surrender.

Walter Annenberg

#god #grant #off #strength #surrender

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In 1989 he establiWalter Annenbergd the Annenberg Foundation and 1993 created the Annenberg Challenge a US$500 million five-year reform effort and the largest single gift ever made to American public education. He was survived by his wife Leonore (February 20 1918 – March 12 2009) daughter Wallis and two sisters Enid A. 6 km2) parcel surrounded by a stucco wall at the northwest corner of Frank Sinatra Drive and Bob Hope Drive; the property includes a golf course.

Walter Hubert Annenberg (March 13 1908 – October 1 2002) was a US publiWalter Annenbergr philanthropist and diplomat.

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