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Dreams are real as long as they last. Can we say more of life?

Havelock Ellis

#last #life #long #more #real

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"[citation needed]

Medicine and psychology
Ellis returned to England in April 1879. Fytton Armstrong)
Love and Marriage (1938) (with others)
My Life (1939)
Sex Compatibility in Marriage (1939)
From Marlowe to Shaw (1950) (ed. At seven years of age his father took him on one of his voyages during which they called at Sydney Callao and Antwerp.

He served as president of the Galton Institute and like many intellectuals of his era supported eugenics. [citation needed]. Henry Havelock Ellis known as Havelock Ellis (2 February 1859 – 8 July 1939) was a British physician writer and social reformer who studied human sexuality.

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