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But if you cover the World Series on the news or do a feature on an Ali boxing match then all of a sudden ears go up all over the place and people say what the hell are you doing. The reason for that is that we're doing something that people are really interested in.

Roone Arledge

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In 2007 The Walt Disney Company posthumously named Arledge a Disney Legend for his contributions to ABC News and ABC Sports (now ESPN on ABC) both (along with the ABC Network) now owned by Disney. But the WRCA weatherman Pat Hernon who hosted the pilot episode of "For Men Only" began showing the kinescope to people around New York City who might want the program. S.

(July 8 1931 – December 5 2002) was an American sports and news broadcasting pioneer who was president of ABC Sports from 1968 until 1986 and ABC News from 1977 until 1998 and a key part of the company's rise to competition with the two other main television networks NBC and CBS in the 1960s '70s '80s and '90s. He created many programs still airing today such as Monday Night Football ABC World News Primetime Nightline and 20/20.

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