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Roone Arledge

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But unlike the setup in most organizations, where there's an administrator on top and creative people or doers underneath, I'm basically a doer and I like to have administrative people underneath me.

— Roone Arledge

#administrator #basically #creative #creative people #doer

I don't expect to win every battle but I think Fred Pierce has enough respect for me that I can go fight my battles and win my share.

— Roone Arledge

#battles #enough #every #expect #fight

I don't think any industry was ever as closely scrutinized and written about and constantly in the public eye as television.

— Roone Arledge

#any #closely #constantly #ever #eye

I don't think people realize the extent to which TV networks are hurt when they carry public broadcasting. I think the estimate is that they lose a half-million dollars for a half day's programming.

— Roone Arledge

#carry #day #dollars #estimate #extent

I don't think the news department will have to lie down and play dead like it has in the past. By and large the network has been understanding, but then so have I.

— Roone Arledge

#dead #department #down #i #in the past

I respect the game that goes on of putting this against that, but I don't respect, nor do I enjoy, an awful lot of the actual programs that go on the air.

— Roone Arledge

#against #air #awful #enjoy #game

I think people tuned in a lot to see Barbara when she first came here and they just didn't like the show they saw. I think it was dull. It was sterile.

— Roone Arledge

#came #dull #first #here #i

I think we have erred on the side of being too conservative so far, to tell you the truth.

— Roone Arledge

#conservative #erred #far #i #i think

I want everybody in the news business to think of ABC before they go any place else. If it costs us an extra few thousand dollars to do that, what does it mean?

— Roone Arledge

#any #before #business #costs #does

I'm sensitive about my image of being hard to reach.

— Roone Arledge

#being #hard #i #image #reach

About Roone Arledge

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In 2007 The Walt Disney Company posthumously named Arledge a Disney Legend for his contributions to ABC News and ABC Sports (now ESPN on ABC) both (along with the ABC Network) now owned by Disney. But the WRCA weatherman Pat Hernon who hosted the pilot episode of "For Men Only" began showing the kinescope to people around New York City who might want the program. S.

(July 8 1931 – December 5 2002) was an American sports and news broadcasting pioneer who was president of ABC Sports from 1968 until 1986 and ABC News from 1977 until 1998 and a key part of the company's rise to competition with the two other main television networks NBC and CBS in the 1960s '70s '80s and '90s. He created many programs still airing today such as Monday Night Football ABC World News Primetime Nightline and 20/20.

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