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Here in Australia we do get impacted by global economic events. But we should have some confidence that our economy has got strong underlying fundamentals.

Julia Gillard

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Gender politics
During the course of Gillard's prime ministership sexism has been a contentious issue for a number of Labor and Greens Party figures as well as some commentators. Rudd announced on 23 June 2010 that Gillard had asked him to hold a leadership ballot the following day to determine the leadership of the Labor Party and hence the Prime Ministership of Australia. In response Gillard sacked Crean from his position and called a leadership spill for 4.

In 2003 Julia Gillard took on responsibility for both Reconciliation and Indigenous Affairs and Health. In 1982 Julia Gillard moved to Melbourne Victoria. On 24 June 2010 after Rudd lost the support of his party and resigned Gillard was elected unopposed as the Leader of the Labor Party thus becoming the 27th Prime Minister of Australia.

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