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And be careful of this, that each day at your meals you have two overseers over your household when you sit at meals, and of this be sure, that you shall be very much feared and reverenced.

Robert Grosseteste

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But there is no reason to suppose that the political ideas of Montfort had matured before the death of Grosseteste; nor did Grosseteste busy himself overmuch with secular politics except insofar as they touched the interest of the Church. In 1242 having been introduced to the Greek work by John of Basingstoke Grosseteste had the Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs brought from Greece and translated it with help of a clerk of St. The angry response of his friends and colleagues to his resignation took him by surprise and he complained to his sister and his closest friend the Franciscan Adam Marsh that his intentions had been completely misunderstood.

A. : /ˈɡroʊstɛst/ GROHS-test) or Grossetete (/ˈɡroʊsteɪt/ GROHS-tayt; c.

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