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With her high pale brow under her faded brown hair, she was like a rock washed clean by years of her husband's absences at conventions, dinners, committee meetings or simply at the office.

Louis Auchincloss

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Youth and education
Born in Lawrence New York Auchincloss was the son of Priscilla Dixon (née Stanton) and Joseph Howland Auchincloss. He is best known as a prolific novelist who parlayed his firsthand knowledge into dozens of finely wrought books exploring the private lives of America's East Coast patrician class (especially the world of Wall Street bankers lawyers and stockbrokers). Auchincloss died from complications of a stroke at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan on January 26 2010.

Not since Dreiser has an American writer had so much to tell us about the role of money in our lives.

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