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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #academia

I could have seen myself going into academia, but I don't love it; I just like it.

Mira Sorvino

#could #going #i #into #just

Academia: a contemporary version of medieval scholasticism that updates the scholarship while retaining the fanaticism of the dark ages.


#funny #humor #medievalism #age

Just as no monkey is as good-looking as the ugliest of humans, no academic is worthier than the worst of the creators

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

#academics #art #art-history #artists #arts

A dean is the conductor of an orchestra made up entirely of composers.

Mark William Roche


The fate of the young man in his headphones, who faced a jail cell that very night, did not seem such a world away from his own predicament: an anniversary party full of academics.

Zadie Smith


Shulman argues that work that is valued is work that is presented to colleagues. The failure to make this kind of wider connection weakens the sense of community. This happens in scholarly life when such essential functions as professional service or teaching do not get discussed openly or often enough.

Charles E. Glassick

#communication #scholarship #communication

What is the matter with universities is that the students are school children, whereas it is of the very essence of university education that they should be adults.

George Bernard Shaw

#education #education

The humanities should constitute the core of any university worth the name.

Terry Eagleton

#education #humanities #university #education

You'd think (losing his job and degree for having made false claims as a researcher) would be a lesson to him," said Miss Hillyard. "It didn't pay, did it? Say he sacrificed his professional honour for the women and children we hear so much about -- but in the end it left him worse of." But that," said Peter, "was only because he committed the extra sin of being found out.

Dorothy L. Sayers

#dishonesty #falsification #family #financial-distress #honor

It is one of the great ironies of corporate control that the corporate state needs the abilities of intellectuals to maintain power, yet outside of this role it refuses to permit intellectuals to think or function independently.

Chris Hedges

#corporatism #freedom-of-thought #death

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