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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #approval

The vehemence with which certain critics have chosen not simply to criticize what I've written, but to challenge my writing this story at all, speaks of what the book is about: fear of disapproval.

Joyce Maynard

#book #certain #challenge #chosen #criticize

I think I started out because I was desperate for approval and acceptance and praise. Some actors never break away from that. They're after that validation their whole life.

Judge Reinhold

#after #approval #away #because #break

Breath by breath, let go of fear, expectation, anger, regret, cravings, frustration, fatigue. Let go of the need for approval. Let go of old judgments and opinions. Die to all that, and fly free. Soar in the freedom of desirelessness. Let go. Let Be. See through everything and be free, complete, luminous, at home -- at ease.

Lama Surya Das

#approval #buddhism #buddhist-wisdom #craving #desire

Getting that audience approval is always a question mark, and it's always that flag that flutters in front of you.

William Shatner

#approval #audience #flag #front #getting

Note that acceptance is different from approval. Acceptance is simply saying, “It is so.

Margie Warrell

#approval #courage

Life is too short to waste time waiting for other people's approval on how you live it.

Steve Maraboli

#life #motivational #opinion #experience

Find yourself first…like yourself first…love yourself FIRST…& friendship & love will naturally find YOU.

Mandy Hale

#find-yourself #finding-yourself #friendship #like-yourself #liking-yourself

Looks like Faye's doing a little extracurricular activity," a voice behind her murmured, and Cassie turned gratefully. Nick nodded at the guy who was occupying the seat there, and the guy scrambled up and left. Cassie hardly noticed the occurrence, it was so common. The kids from Crowhaven Road indicated what they wanted, and the outsiders gave it to them. Always. It was the way things worked. Nick sat in the vacated chair and took out a pack of cigarettes. He opened it, shook one forward. Then he noticed Cassie. Cassie was staring at him with her eyebrows lifted, her best Diana expression on. Disapproval radiating from her like heat waves. "Ah," Nick said. He glanced at the cigarettes, then at her again. He tapped the protruding cigarette back into place and tucked the pack in his pocket. "Bad habit," he said.

L.J. Smith

#habits #humor #humor

Are you an aberration to your species?' she cried. 'Cats don't look for approval!

Gregory Maguire

#cats #men

Adora changed her color scheme from peach to yellow. She promised me she'd take me to the fabric store so I can make new coverings to match. This dollhouse is my fancy." She almost made it sound natural, my fancy. The words floated out of her mouth sweet and round like butterscotch, murmured with just a tilt of her head, but the phrase was definitely my mother's. Her little doll, learning to speak just like Adora. "Looks like you do a very good job with it," I said, and motioned a weak wave good-bye. "Thank you," she said. Her eyes focused on my room in the dollhouse. A small finger poked the bed. "I hope you enjoy your stay here," she murmured into the room, as if she were addressing a tiny Camille no one could see.

Gillian Flynn

#families #insecurity #parental-approval #scary-houses #nature

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