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Only love will attract love.”~ Amunhotep El Bey

Amunhotep El Bey

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Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.

Ashwin Sanghi

#chanakya-s-chant #humorous-quotations #humor

A bug lies in quiet repose; when he passed no one knows. Did he suffer, was he pained? Before he died, was knowledge gained? Were all life’s pressures much too great.To put upon so small a weight? Although not one for pessimism, I think he died of journalism!

Nikhil Sharda

#journalism #life

How beautiful would history have been if it could be written beforehand and then acted out like drama!

Aihebholo-oria Okonoboh

#inspirational-life #beauty

I get no sense from his note at all,” said Will, bounding to his feet, “except that he can quote Tennyson’s lesser poetry. Sophie, how quickly can you have Tessa ready?” “Half an hour,” said Sophie, not looking up from the dress. “Meet me in the courtyard in half an hour, then,” said Will. “I’ll wake Cyril. And be prepared to swoon at my finery.

Cassandra Clare

#humor #humorous-quotations #will-herondale #humor

and (b) Kissing someone so that you can get a free trip is perilously close to full-on hooking

John Green


Then I yelled through his door, "It's an anniversary gift for you, asshole. Two whole weeks early. FIFTEEN YEARS IS BIG METAL CHICKENS.

Jenny Lawson


This dudes nuttier than squirrel shit." -Ty Henderson

Madeleine Urban

#humorous-quotations #shit #squirrel #funny

I'm writing a book on Procrastination. I hope to start it tomorrow. I've been thinking about it for almost six years now.

Ron Moore


Lead me not into temptation. I can find it myself. (T-Shirt)

Darynda Jones


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