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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #stabbing

Your instinct, rather than precision stabbing, is more about just random bludgeoning.

Simon Pegg

#bludgeoning #instinct #just #more #precision

His kiss was like no other! His kiss was enchanted and fairy-tale like. He applied pressure, but just enough to feel his tenderness and warmth. I could feel his heart beating wildly as he pressed his chest against my chest all the while his loving lips brushed up against mine with a care-filled affection. His tongue lightly licked the outer edges of my mouth, and then searched for my tongue. The pursuit allowed a marriage of both tongues to meet - inspiring a mingling tango of hot and heavy French kissing to manifest profusely. We kissed like two hot and horny teenagers, our mouths moving and craving each others lips, in animalistic desires! (Like this? Feel free to check it out on Amazon. FREE for the KDP Select)

Keira D. Skye

#blood #cut #ghost #ghosts #halloween

Don't patronize the chain bookstores. Every time I see some author scheduled to read and sign his books at a chain bookstore, I feel like telling him he's stabbing the independent bookstores in the back.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

#back #books #bookstore #bookstores #chain

From each one of them rose separate columns of smoke, meeting in a pall overhead, and through the smoke came stabbing flashes of fire as German shells burst with thudding shocks of sound. This was the front line of battle.

Philip Gibbs

#burst #came #columns #each #fire

I'm not about trying to be out here fighting and shooting, stabbing and, you know, all that crap, man.

Tone Loc

#crap #fighting #here #i #know

Nobody peels a banana before stabbing themselves with it. But that’s exactly how I love—dangerously. 

Jarod Kintz

#dangerous #dangerously #food #fruit #funny

Many times, you are the single most significant and glorious thing that has ever happened in the lives of some people; they sit around and talk about you over and over again throughout the years while you are out there living your life, every step that you take and every kiss that you make having absolutely nothing to do with them, at all!

C. JoyBell C.

#backstabbing #inspirational-attitude #life #life-and-living #the-nature-of-people

You want a friend in this city? [Washington, DC.] Get a dog!

Harry S. Truman

#dogs #egotism #faithfulness #friends #friendship

People always laugh at me when I tell them I’m scared of pencils, because they can’t fathom why anyone would fear a puncture wound or lead poisoning from a pencil, especially now that it’s impossible to get lead poisoning since they don’t actually contain lead. But those fuckers are sharp, and I have nightmares about getting cornered in a room and repeatedly stabbed with one. Somehow knives don’t frighten me, even though they are the more obvious tool for both a real and imagined stabbing.

Kate Madison

#memoir #pencils #stabbing #imagination

when building a friendship bridge don't forget to construct a distruative path.

Peter Adejimi

#breakup #enemy #friendship #love #friendship

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