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Antony Hewish

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I believe scientists have a duty to share the excitement and pleasure of their work with the general public, and I enjoy the challenge of presenting difficult ideas in an understandable way.

— Antony Hewish

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I grew up in Newquay, on the Atlantic coast and there developed a love of the sea and boats.

— Antony Hewish

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I was educated at King's College, Taunton and went to the University of Cambridge in 1942.

— Antony Hewish

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Jocelyn Bell joined the project as a graduate student in 1965, helping as a member of the construction team and then analysing the paper charts of the sky survey.

— Antony Hewish

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Teaching physics at the University, and more general lecturing to wider audiences has been a major concern.

— Antony Hewish

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Thus I was able to make pioneering measurements of the height and physical scale of plasma clouds in the ionosphere and also to estimate wind speeds in this region.

— Antony Hewish

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About Antony Hewish

Did you know about Antony Hewish?

Hewish is a fellow of Churchill College Cambridge. Awards and honors
Hewish has Honorary degrees from 6 universities including Manchester Exeter and Cambridge is a Foreign Member of the Belgian Royal Academy and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Indian National Science Academy. Hewish and Martin Ryle were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1974.

He was also awarded the Eddington Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1969.

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