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Ayn Rand

Read through the most famous quotes from Ayn Rand

Only a man of integrity can possess the virtue of honesty, since only the faking of one’s consciousness can permit the faking of existence.

— Ayn Rand

#rand #virtue #integrity

When you are asked to love everybody indiscriminately, that is to love people without any standard, to love them regardless of whether they have any value or virtue, you are asked to love nobody.

— Ayn Rand

#love #people #standards #value #virtue

There is fear hanging in the air of the sleeping halls, and the air of the streets. Fear walks through the city, fear without name, without shape. All men feel it and none dare speak.

— Ayn Rand


We are all brothers under the skin - and I, for one, would be willing to skin humanity to prove it.

— Ayn Rand

#humanity #skin #equality

A house can have integrity, just like a person,' said Roark, 'and just as seldom.

— Ayn Rand

#integrity #people #architecture

For the coming of that day shall I fight, I and my sons and my chosen friends. For the freedom of Man. For his rights. For his life. For his honor.

— Ayn Rand

#freedom #honor #life #rights #freedom

Tell me what a person finds sexually attractive and I will tell you their entire philosophy of life. Show me the person they sleep with and I will tell you their valuation of themselves.

— Ayn Rand

#sex #life

A quest for self-respect is proof of its lack

— Ayn Rand


Never ask people. Not about your work. Don't you know what you want? How can you stand it, not to know?

— Ayn Rand


What in hell are you really made of, Howard? After all, it's only a building. It's not the combination of holy sacrament, Indian torture, and sexual ecstasy that you seem to make of it." "Isn't it?

— Ayn Rand

#howard-roark #inspiration #passion #art

About Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand Quotes

Did you know about Ayn Rand?

In 1941 Paramount Pictures produced a movie version of the play. The novel centers on an uncompromising young architect named Howard Roark and his struggle against what Rand described as "second-handers"—those who attempt to live through others placing others above self. Afterward Ayn Rand turned to nonfiction to promote her philosophy publishing her own magazines and releasing several collections of essays until her death in 1982.

Ayn Rand (pron. In politics Ayn Rand condemned the initiation of force as immoral and opposed collectivism and statism as well as anarchism instead supporting a minarchist limited government and laissez-faire capitalism which Ayn Rand believed was the only social system that protected individual rights.

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