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Bill Mauldin

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I'm convinced that the infantry is the group in the army which gives more and gets less than anybody else.

— Bill Mauldin

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I feel like a fugitive from the law of averages.

— Bill Mauldin

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I was a born troublemaker and might as well earn a living at it.

— Bill Mauldin

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I would like to thank the people who encouraged me to draw army cartoons at a time when the gag man's conception of the army was one of mean ole sergeants and jeeps which jump over mountains.

— Bill Mauldin

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Patton was living in the Dark Ages. Soldiers were peasants to him. I didn't like that attitude.

— Bill Mauldin

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About Bill Mauldin

Bill Mauldin Quotes

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44) postage stamp in Mauldin's honor depicting him with Willie & Joe. )
Those officers who had served in the army before the war were generally offended by Mauldin who parodied the spit-shine and obedience-to-order-without-question view that was more easily maintained during that time of peace. In 1962 he moved to the Chicago Sun-Times.

William Henry "Bill" Mauldin (October 29 1921 – January 22 2003) was a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist from the United States. He was most famous for his World War II cartoons depicting American soldiers as represented by the archetypal characters "Willie and Joe" two weary and bedraggled infantry troopers who stoically endure the difficulties and dangers of duty in the field.

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