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Brad Dourif

Read through the most famous quotes from Brad Dourif

I was lucky. I had a lot of really good influences.

— Brad Dourif

#had #i #influences #lot #lucky

I am they type of person that once I make a decision, I must execute. Maybe I am a perfectionist in this way.

— Brad Dourif

#decision #execute #his way #i #i am

I have a 13-year-old daughter who rents these bloody horror movies, and I can't even walk into the room when she's watching them with her friends.

— Brad Dourif

#daughter #even #friends #her #horror

I prefer film to the stage. I always like the rehearsal better than I like performing.

— Brad Dourif

#better #film #i #i always #like

If it wasn't for the devil, we wouldn't be here, would we?

— Brad Dourif

#here #would

If it's stage, the two most important artists are the actor and the playwright. If it's film, THE most important person is the director. The director says where the camera goes.

— Brad Dourif

#artists #camera #director #film #goes

Of course, I would like to play the guy next door, but nobody's going to hire me for that kind of role.

— Brad Dourif

#door #going #guy #hire #i

The universe is dynamic. When we are creative, we are the most alive and in touch with it.

— Brad Dourif

#creative #dynamic #most #touch #universe

We all have an edge. We all are floating our psyche on top with a great ocean underneath.

— Brad Dourif

#floating #great #ocean #our #psyche

You know, you try to be diverse, and try to have fun and round things out.

— Brad Dourif

#fun #have fun #know #out #round

About Brad Dourif

Brad Dourif Quotes

Did you know about Brad Dourif?

During the early 1970s Dourif appeared in a number of plays off-Broadway and at Woodstock New York including The Ghost Sonata The Doctor in Spite of Himself and When You Comin' Back Red Ryder? in which he was spotted by director Miloš Forman who cast him in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975). On television Dourif appeared in The X-Files episode "Beyond the Sea" as the psychic serial killer Luther Lee Boggs. His first studio film was W.

Dourif has also worked with renowned film director Werner Herzog on many occasions appearing in Scream of Stone The Wild Blue Yonder The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans and My Son My Son What Have Ye Done?. Bradford Claude "Brad" Dourif (/ˈdɔrɨf/; born March 18 1950) is an American film and television actor who gained early fame for his portrayal of Billy Bibbit in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and has since appeared in a number of memorable roles.

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