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Brenda Holloway

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A lot of times I can across as too masculine to men, and they couldn't handle me, they stayed away.

— Brenda Holloway

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I feel Motown really exploited me.

— Brenda Holloway

#feel #i #i feel #me #motown

I was a black singer with a white voice, a perfect pop voice.

— Brenda Holloway

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Motown's policy was to build one act at a time or their favorites.

— Brenda Holloway

#build #favorites #motown #one act #policy

My costumes were made for sex appeal not for women.

— Brenda Holloway

#costumes #made #sex #sex appeal #were

Success to me was getting out of that contract in one piece.

— Brenda Holloway

#getting #me #out #piece #success

Then when Gladys Knight came in to do my songs that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

— Brenda Holloway

#broke #came #camel #knight #songs

About Brenda Holloway

Brenda Holloway Quotes

Did you know about Brenda Holloway?

In 1980 Holloway released a gospel album Brand New! that went unnoticed. When Mary Wells who was Motown's first solo hit-maker left the label Motown began billing Holloway as the next female solo star and soon had Holloway recording several songs originally intended for Wells including her next top 40 single "When I'm Gone" which like many of Wells' hit singles had been composed by Smokey Robinson. A follow-up album to have been called Hurtin' and Cryin' was scrapped by the label and Holloway began to consider that Brenda Holloway was being disregarded by the company perhaps in part because Brenda Holloway was not based in Detroit.

Brenda Holloway (born June 21 1946) is an American singer and songwriter who was a recording artist for Motown Records during the 1960s. She left Motown after four years at the age of 22 and largely retired from the music industry until the 1990s after her recordings had become popular on the British "Northern soul" scene.

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