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Bruce Dern

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I took Laura on a trip once where we followed the Immigrant Trail for about six hundred miles. She really learned a lesson. People forget too often how it was back then.

— Bruce Dern

#back #followed #forget #how #hundred

I tried to make the Olympics team in 1956.

— Bruce Dern

#i tried #make #olympics #team #tried

Sports betting is all about money management, so the most money won on one event is not the most important thing.

— Bruce Dern

#betting #event #important #important thing #management

The difference between my generation of actors and their generation is that they were bigger than life. We are not bigger than life.

— Bruce Dern

#bigger #difference #generation #life #my generation

The Palestinians need more help from the Arab countries. Since 1967, the world has learned that there is not going to be real progress in the region until Palestine gets something back that they had.

— Bruce Dern

#arab countries #back #be real #countries #gets

The people I worked with were bigger than life. Once you put them on the screen, they were huge.

— Bruce Dern

#huge #i #life #once #people

About Bruce Dern

Bruce Dern Quotes

Did you know about Bruce Dern?

Among Dern's first 20 film roles was a part in the Sydney Pollack picture They Shoot Horses Don't They? in 1969. Career
Early in his career he acted in the Philadelphia premier of Waiting for Godot opposite Lyle Kessler and first appeared on screen for an uncredited role in the 1960 film Wild River. He frequently takes roles as a supporting character actor often playing villains of unstable nature.

Dern is the father of actress Laura Dern (1967) by his ex-wife Diane Ladd; married 1960–1969. He married his current wife Andrea Beckett in 1969.

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