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Bruce Kent

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I want to be optimistic because I don't think man is intrinsically violent.

— Bruce Kent

#i #intrinsically #man #optimistic #think

If we are really anxious not to have nuclear weapons in Iran, the first thing is to call an international conference on abolishing all nuclear weapons, including Israeli nuclear weapons.

— Bruce Kent

#call #conference #first #first thing #including

Some people are genetically programmed to be difficult.

— Bruce Kent

#genetically #people #programmed #some #some people

The problem with Bush is that yes, he's religious in a fundamentalist sort of way, they read the Old Testament as a sort of charter for the chosen people to do what they like.

— Bruce Kent

#charter #chosen #fundamentalist #like #old

Then there is the worst part of Christianity, which is awful: power, corruption, manipulation... But then again, these feature are ever present in any organization.

— Bruce Kent

#any #awful #christianity #corruption #ever

About Bruce Kent

Did you know about Bruce Kent?

In 1958 Kent was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest and was a chaplain to the University of London from 1966 to 1974. Sitting Member of Parliament and former Conservative minister John Patten also a Catholic retained his seat. Kent is also a member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

In 1960 he joined the Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament a specialist section of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. He now holds the honorary title of vice-president.

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