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Charles Kelley

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That's kind of the theme of Own the Night. It's about those nights that are so memorable you could live them forever.

— Charles Kelley

#could #forever #kind #live #memorable

Growing up I played in garage bands and cover bands with my older brother, and he got us a gig opening up for some hippie jam band. I was 15. I felt like such an adult!

— Charles Kelley

#band #bands #brother #cover #felt

My wife and I met right down the street. Our single, 'Just a Kiss' is kind of about that moment. I was trying to replicate that dance-off between Justin Timberlake and Brittany Spears.

— Charles Kelley

#between #brittany #down #i #just

The country crowd just has fun.

— Charles Kelley

#crowd #fun #just

We partied with the royal rich people, and we felt like rock stars. We drank all the whiskey in the place.

— Charles Kelley

#felt #like #people #place #rich

We're putting a lot of pressure on ourselves for this second album and so we want to make it as great as we possibly can.

— Charles Kelley

#great #lot #make #ourselves #possibly

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Charles Kelley Quotes

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The song made it on to Parachute's second studio album The Way It Was and was released to iTunes in the weeks leading up to the release of the album. The song also featured Lady Antebellum's HIllary Scott on background vocals. In addition Kelley has co-written numerous songs for his brother Josh Kelley.

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