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Charles Tupper

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I do not see any reason why they should not be given the means to give their teachers just as high an education as is secured by attendance at the Protestant schools.

— Charles Tupper

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It is admitted by everybody that rights and privileges enjoyed by the Roman Catholic minority in Manitoba down to 1890, were taken away by legislation of 1890.

— Charles Tupper

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It is idle to waste time and discuss whether it was within our power and duty to see whether we could prepare a Bill better than the Remedial Bill.

— Charles Tupper

#bill #could #discuss #duty #idle

That children shall be compelled to receive religious instruction which is in antagonism to the wishes of their parents, is what no man with say sense of justice would suggest.

— Charles Tupper

#children #compelled #instruction #justice #man

That text-books be permitted in Catholic schools such as will not offend the religious views of the minority, and which from an educational standpoint shall be satisfactory to the advisory board.

— Charles Tupper

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The hon. gentleman had better spare his interrogations if they are as senseless as that one.

— Charles Tupper

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The position the Government finds itself in is not one of constructing a law, but of carrying out a decision given by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

— Charles Tupper

#committee #constructing #council #decision #finds

You have the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, the Presbyterians, the Wesleyans, represented in each school, and they are each to take alternate days.

— Charles Tupper

#catholic #catholic church #church #days #each

About Charles Tupper

Charles Tupper Quotes

Did you know about Charles Tupper?

Early life 1821–1855
Tupper was born in Amherst Nova Scotia to Charles Tupper Sr. The 1900 election saw the Conservatives pick up 17 Ontario seats in the 9th Canadian Parliament. In 1865 he introduced a bill providing for compulsory local taxation to fund these schools.

At age 74 in May 1896 he was also the oldest person to serve as Prime Minister of Canada. He practiced medicine periodically throughout his political career (and served as the first president of the Canadian Medical Association). By 1860 Tupper supported a union of all the colonies of British North America.

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