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Chuck Hagel

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Alliances and international organizations should be understood as opportunities for leadership and a means to expand our influence, not as constraints on our power.

— Chuck Hagel

#expand #influence #international #leadership #means

Foreign policy will require a strategic agility that, whenever possible, gets ahead of problems, strengthens U.S. security and alliances, and promotes American interests and credibility.

— Chuck Hagel

#ahead #american #american interests #credibility #foreign

I'm not saying my idea is the one and only idea. We should have other ideas, but the president has not laid down a specific plan as to how he's going to get us to solvency. I do that.

— Chuck Hagel

#get #going #how #i #i do

Well, let's go back to the original intent of Social Security. It is an insurance contract.

— Chuck Hagel

#contract #go #insurance #intent #original

You can't just drop the 82nd Airborne into Baghdad and it will all be over.

— Chuck Hagel

#drop #into #just #over #will

About Chuck Hagel

Chuck Hagel Quotes

Did you know about Chuck Hagel?

Hagel is critical of George W. He is chairman of the Atlantic Council a foreign policy think tank; co-chairman of President Obama's Intelligence Advisory Board; a member of the Defense Department's Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee and the Energy Departments Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future; a member of The Washington Center's board of directors; and a member of the Public Broadcasting Service's board of directors. Six years later in 2002 Hagel overwhelmingly won re-election with over 83% of the vote the largest margin of victory in any statewide race in Nebraska history (see below or link to: United States Senate election in Nebraska 2002).

Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University chairman of the Atlantic Council and co-chairman of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board. He was reelected in 2002 and retired in 2008. He co-founded Vanguard Cellular the primary source of his personal wealth and served as president of the McCarthy Group an investment banking firm and CEO of American Information Systems Inc.

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