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Cory Booker

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Our platform emphasizes that a vibrant, free and fair market is essential to economic growth.

— Cory Booker

#economic growth #emphasizes #essential #fair #free

Our platform is crafted by Democrats but it is not about partisanship, its about pragmatism.

— Cory Booker

#crafted #democrats #our #partisanship #platform

This November, with the re-election of President Barack Obama, this generation of Americans will ever expand upon the hope, the truth and the promise of America.

— Cory Booker

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When your country is in a costly war, with our soldiers sacrificing abroad and our nation facing a debt crisis at home, being asked to pay your fair share isn't class warfare - it's patriotism.

— Cory Booker

#asked #being #class #class warfare #costly

About Cory Booker

Cory Booker Quotes

Did you know about Cory Booker?

After his first week in office Booker announced a 100-day plan to implement reforms in Newark. As well as raising over $6 million for the race Booker attacked Rice as a "political crony" of James. In February 2013 responding to a Twitter post Booker helped a nervous constituent propose to his girlfriend.

He was first elected in 2006 and had previously served as a Newark City Councilor from 1998 to 2002. He is a graduate of Stanford University Yale Law School and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University.

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