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David Crosby

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I'm not givin' in an inch to fear.

— David Crosby

#fear #courage

I am having so much fun performing, I feel almost guilty. I think, my God, I hope no one comes and busts me for this.

— David Crosby

#am #comes #feel #fun #god

Now record companies are run by lawyers and accountants. The shift from the one to the other was definitely related to when the takes started to get big.

— David Crosby

#big #companies #definitely #get #lawyers

The people who run record companies now wouldn't know a song if it flew up their nose and died. They haven't a clue, and they don't care. You tell them that, and they go, Yeah? So, your point is?

— David Crosby

#clue #companies #died #flew #go

About David Crosby

David Crosby Quotes

Did you know about David Crosby?

The Byrds' version appeared decades later on the 1988 Never Before release and is now available on the CD re-release of The Notorious Byrd Brothers. His body was found months later in May 1998. Tambourine Man" and recorded a cover version of the song featuring McGuinn's 12 string guitar as well as McGuinn Crosby and Clark's vocal harmonizing.

Crosby has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice: once for his work in The Byrds and once for his work with CSN. David Van Cortlandt Crosby (born August 14 1941) is an American guitarist singer and songwriter.

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