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David Halberstam

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Memory is often less about the truth than about what we want it to be.

— David Halberstam

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Nixon, who spent much of his career attacking the press and saying he was a victim of the press, was in fact created by the press, in this case the L.A. Times.

— David Halberstam

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No publisher in America improved a paper so quickly on so grand a scale, took a paper that was marginal in qualities and brought it to excellence as Otis Chandler did.

— David Halberstam

#brought #chandler #did #excellence #grand

With the marketing pressures driving the book world today, it's much easier to get the author of a memoir on a television show than a serious novelist.

— David Halberstam

#book #driving #easier #get #marketing

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ISBN 0-394-45025-6. Jones was subsequently sentenced to five days in jail (with the sentencing judge recommending that the sentence be served in the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office's work program rather than actually behind bars) to 200 hours of community service and to two years of probation. " While at the Times he gathered material for his book The Making of a Quagmire: America and Vietnam during the Kennedy Era.

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