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David Sanborn

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Instrumental music is increasingly marginalized and there's just no outlet, there's no venue for it, in terms of media.

— David Sanborn

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Its all about finding the right note at the right place and knowing when to leave well enough alone. And that's a lifelong quest.

— David Sanborn

#alone #enough #finding #knowing #leave

Well, I guess my unease with that is... I'm always a little uneasy with that phrase - smooth jazz, as opposed to what?

— David Sanborn

#guess #i #jazz #little #opposed

You're only as good as your last record.

— David Sanborn

#last #only #record #you #your

About David Sanborn

David Sanborn Quotes

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I. Sanborn often performs at Japan's Blue Note venues in Nagoya Osaka and Tokyo. Alto saxophonist Hank Crawford at the time a member of Ray Charles's band was an early and lasting influence on Sanborn.

Sanborn has also worked extensively as a session musician notably on David Bowie's Young Americans (1975). David Sanborn (born July 30 1945) is an American alto saxophonist.

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