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Elizabeth Edwards

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The military is already sexually integrated.

— Elizabeth Edwards

#integrated #military #sexually

The way campaign funds are distributed are all a matter of record.

— Elizabeth Edwards

#distributed #funds #matter #record #way

The worst thing to me would be that you put on the face you think people want to see, and then they don't like it and you think, Would they have liked the real me?

— Elizabeth Edwards

#like #liked #me #people #put

There is nothing about resilience that I can say that my father did not first utter silently in eighteen years of living inside a two-dimensional cutout of himself.

— Elizabeth Edwards

#did #eighteen #father #first #himself

To be perfectly frank, there is an odd place after losing a child, where you think somehow your life is worth less.

— Elizabeth Edwards

#child #frank #less #life #losing

It takes a lot of work to put together a marriage, to put together a family and a home.

— Elizabeth Edwards

#home #lot #marriage #put #takes

We're all going to die.

— Elizabeth Edwards


What we hope to achieve is a society that doesn't value a white man because he's a white man, but also doesn't value a woman because she's a woman, or a black because he's a black.

— Elizabeth Edwards

#also #because #black #hope #man

Whenever anyone pulls out of the race, you know, unless they've just been trounced in the days before, there's also - always a lot of questions about why that happened.

— Elizabeth Edwards

#also #always #anyone #been #before

You know, everybody knows some of what politicians say is malarkey, and having somebody there to call them on it is good. I'd be happy to do that any time and any place.

— Elizabeth Edwards

#be happy #call #everybody #good #happy

About Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards Quotes

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Personal life
Edwards met John Edwards when they were both law students and they married on July 30 1977. Edwards lived a private life until her husband's rise as senator and ultimately unsuccessful vice presidential and presidential campaigns. In May 2009 they publiElizabeth Edwardsd her second book Resilience: Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life's Adversities further discussing the return of her illness the deaths of her father and son the effect of these events on her marriage her husband's infidelity and the general state of health care in America.

She was his chief policy advisor during his presidential bid and was instrumental in pushing him towards more liberal stances on subjects such as universal health care. S. On December 6 2010 her family announced that her cancer had spread and her doctors had recommended that further treatment would be unproductive.

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