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Eugene Chadbourne

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There are no bridges in folk songs because the peasants died building them.

— Eugene Chadbourne

#bridges #building #died #folk #folk songs

I do the protest stuff. I do country and western. I play both acoustic and electric guitar in a lot of different styles, from loud, psychedelic stuff to quiet finger-picking.

— Eugene Chadbourne

#both #country #different #different styles #electric

I think dissonance in music makes you think. It isn't, 'Oh, that's a pretty melody I can whistle.' You have to sit down and listen to tell it apart from other things.

— Eugene Chadbourne

#down #i #i can #i think #listen

People love the electric rake. You just hit it or whatever you want to do. You can't play 'Swanee River' on it. You have to just make terrible noise. Occasionally, it will make a sound like a note.

— Eugene Chadbourne

#hit #just #like #love #make

Sometimes you have trouble because someone 'likes' your music so much. They follow you around for hours singing little bits of the songs, or just freaking out.

— Eugene Chadbourne

#because #bits #follow #hours #just

There's no type of music I don't like. I think it's important to be able to make fun of all types.

— Eugene Chadbourne

#fun #i #i think #important #like

About Eugene Chadbourne

Eugene Chadbourne Quotes

Did you know about Eugene Chadbourne?

Eugene Chadbourne (born January 4 1954 in Mount Vernon New York) is an American improvisor guitarist and banjoist. Ichigo replies "Who's that?". [citation needed] He was also influenced early on by the experimental stylings of Captain Beefheart and the Mothers of Invention.

Chadbourne is referenced in the popular anime series Bleach. 5 Cable FM in Calgary Alberta. He then studied other genres including blues country bluegrass free jazz and noise—eventually synthesizing all those heterogeneous influences into a unique style of his own.

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