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Evelyn Waugh

Read through the most famous quotes from Evelyn Waugh

Punctuality is the virtue of the bored.

— Evelyn Waugh

#punctuality #virtue

After all, damn it, what does being in love mean if you can't trust a person.

— Evelyn Waugh

#trust #love

If it could only be like this always – always summer, always alone, the fruit always ripe and Aloysius in a good temper...

— Evelyn Waugh

#sebastian #summer #teddy-bear #summer

For in that city [New York] there is neurosis in the air which the inhabitants mistake for energy.

— Evelyn Waugh

#new-york-city #new-york-city

All this fuss about sleeping together. For physical pleasure I'd sooner go to my dentist any day.

— Evelyn Waugh

#any #day #dentist #fuss #go

I can't bare you when you're not amusing.

— Evelyn Waugh


My unhealthy affection for my second daughter has waned. Now I despise all my seven children equally.

— Evelyn Waugh

#children #daughter #despise #equally #i

Her heart was broken perhaps, but it was a small inexpensive organ of local manufacture. In a wider and grander way she felt things had been simplified.

— Evelyn Waugh

#observation #satire #love

The anguished suspense of watching the lips you hunger for, framing the words, the death sentence, of sheer triteness!

— Evelyn Waugh


The worse I am, the more I need God. I can't shut myself out from His mercy. That is what it would mean; starting a life with you, without Him. Julia to Charles

— Evelyn Waugh

#love #faith

About Evelyn Waugh

Evelyn Waugh Quotes

Did you know about Evelyn Waugh?

John Waugh (English pronunciation: /ˈɑːθə ˈiːvlɪn ˈsɪndʒən wɔː/; 28 October 1903 – 10 April 1966) known as Evelyn Waugh was an English writer of novels biographies and travel books. He was also a prolific journalist and reviewer. In 1902 he became managing director of Chapman and Hall publiEvelyn Waughrs of the works of Charles Dickens.

Arthur Evelyn St. This blow together with a growing dislike for the welfare state culture of the postwar world and a decline in his health saddened his final years although he continued to write. Waugh is widely recognised as one of the great prose stylists of the 20th century.

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