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Gouverneur Morris

Read through the most famous quotes from Gouverneur Morris

They (the French) have taken genius instead of reason for their guide, adopted experiment instead of experience, and wander in the dark because they prefer lightning to light.

— Gouverneur Morris

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Americans need never fear their government because of the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation.

— Gouverneur Morris

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Religion is the solid basis of good morals; therefore education should teach the precepts of religion, and the duties of man toward God.

— Gouverneur Morris

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If the people should elect, they will never fail to prefer some man of distinguished character, or services; some man, if he might so speak of continental reputation.

— Gouverneur Morris

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This magistrate is not the king. The people are the king.

— Gouverneur Morris

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About Gouverneur Morris

Gouverneur Morris Quotes

Did you know about Gouverneur Morris?

Robert Morris and George Washington then recommended him for the convention because of what he did. Are the property? Why then is no other property included? The Houses in this city [Philadelphia] are worth more than all the wretched slaves which cover the rice swamps of South Carolina. & the other States having slaves.

He graduated in 1768 and received a Master's degree in 1771. He is widely credited as the author of the document's preamble and has been called the "Penman of the Constitution.

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