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Hank Azaria

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A lot of times, when I record with a group, I'll stay after class for another hour or two and go, 'Let me try a bunch of things I was thinking of, as you were doing that.'

— Hank Azaria

#another #bunch #class #doing #go

Being funny with a funny voice is more my comfort zone, a broader character that I try to humanize, a kind of silly or wacky persona that I try to fill in.

— Hank Azaria

#being funny #broader #character #comfort #comfort zone

Godzilla's a monster for the '90s. He's been working out.

— Hank Azaria

#godzilla #monster #out #working

Guys will definitely settle for women who get the joke. But a woman who can make you laugh? It's not high on a guy's must list. Perhaps it should be.

— Hank Azaria

#get #guy #guys #high #joke

I ask for a lot of advice from different fathers - all kinds of dads.

— Hank Azaria

#ask #dads #different #fathers #i

I bartended for a catering company for two or three years.

— Hank Azaria

#company #i #three #two #years

I don't really remember much about the '60s at all. You know, 1970 is the first year I remember pretty well.

— Hank Azaria

#first #i #i remember #know #much

I had kind of sworn off network TV a while ago.

— Hank Azaria

#had #i #kind #network #network tv

I have no new voices - they've all been used.

— Hank Azaria

#i #new #used #voices

There's no experience like on-the-job training.

— Hank Azaria

#job training #like #training

About Hank Azaria

Hank Azaria Quotes

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Azaria and the five other main The Simpsons voice actors were then involved in a pay dispute in which Fox threatened to replace them with new actors and went as far as preparing for casting of new voices. During his childhood Azaria often "memorize[d] and mimic[ked]" the scripts of the films shows and stand-up comedy routines that he enjoyed. For his role of Claude a French scuba instructor in Along Came Polly Azaria donned a wig and worked out extensively to get into the physical shape the part required.

He has continued to star in numerous films including Mystery Men (1999) America's Sweethearts (2001) Shattered Glass (2003) Along Came Polly (2004) Run Fatboy Run (2007) Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009) and The Smurfs (2011). : /əˈzɛəriə/ ə-ZAIR-ee-ə; born April 25 1964) is an American film television and stage actor director voice actor and comedian. Azaria was married to actress Helen Hunt from 1999 to 2000.

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