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Henry Mayhew

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A fact must be assimilated with, or discriminated fromm, some other fact or facts, in order to be raised to the dignity of a truth, and made to convey the least knowledge to the mind.

— Henry Mayhew

#convey #dignity #discriminated #fact #facts

Advice to persons about to marry - don't.

— Henry Mayhew

#advice #marry #persons

Ballet-girls have a bad reputation, which is in most cases well deserved.

— Henry Mayhew

#cases #deserved #most #reputation #well

But the branches of industry are so multifarious, the divisions of labour so minutes and manifold, that it seems at first almost impossible to reduce them to any system.

— Henry Mayhew

#any #branches #divisions #first #impossible

Facts, according to my ideas, are merely the elements of truths, and not the truths themselves; of all matters there are none so utterly useless by themselves as your mere matters of fact.

— Henry Mayhew

#elements #fact #facts #ideas #matters

I was conducted in the evening to a tavern where several of the weavers who advocate the principles of the People's Charter were in the habit of assembling.

— Henry Mayhew

#assembling #charter #conducted #evening #habit

In No. 1 of this street the cholera first appeared seventeen years ago, and spread up it with fearful virulence; but this year it appeared at the opposite end, and ran down it with like severity.

— Henry Mayhew

#appeared #cholera #down #end #fearful

It is easy enough to be moral after a good dinner beside a snug coal fire, and with our hearts well warmed with fine old port.

— Henry Mayhew

#beside #coal #dinner #easy #enough

The city of London, within the walls, occupies a space of only 370 acres, and is but the hundred and fortieth part of the extent covered by the whole metropolis.

— Henry Mayhew

#city #covered #extent #fortieth #hundred

The costermongers' boys will, I am informed, cheat their employers, but they do not steal from them.

— Henry Mayhew

#cheat #employers #i #i am #informed

About Henry Mayhew

Did you know about Henry Mayhew?

“Buy buy buy buy buy-- bu-u-uy!” cries the butcher. The Punch years gave Mayhew the opportunity to meet talented illustrators who he later employed to work from daguerreotypes on London Labour and the London Poor. ” “Here‘s ha‘p‘orths” shouts the perambulating confectioner.

Henry Mayhew (25 November 1812 – 25 July 1887) was an English social researcher journalist playwright and advocate of reform. He is also known for his work as a social researcher publishing an extensive series of newspaper articles in the Morning Chronicle that was later compiled into the book series London Labour and the London Poor (1851) a groundbreaking and influential survey of the city's poor.

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