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Jesse Helms

Read through the most famous quotes from Jesse Helms

Mr. Clinton better watch out if he comes down here. He'd better have a bodyguard.

— Jesse Helms

#bodyguard #clinton #comes #down #here

Such schemes take money from people who can least afford to spend it to support an unneeded bureaucracy that eats money people thought they were providing for education.

— Jesse Helms

#bureaucracy #eats #education #least #money

America must be the moral leader. It is not enough to have power. Power must be used to protect freedom and give all people hope for the opportunity to see the fruit of their own labor.

— Jesse Helms

#enough #freedom #fruit #give #hope

I became a Republican when a very wise young lady asked me how I could remain a Democrat when I didn't agree with what they stood for and did agree with what the Republicans supported.

— Jesse Helms

#asked #became #could #democrat #did

I have tried at every point to seek God's wisdom on the decisions I made, and I made it my business to speak up on behalf of the things God tells us are important to Him.

— Jesse Helms

#business #decisions #every #god #him

I want our government to encourage and protect freedom as well as our traditions of faith and family.

— Jesse Helms

#faith #family #freedom #government #i

I want our young people to believe as we did that there is no goal too high to reach if they are willing to work.

— Jesse Helms

#did #goal #high #i #our

I was with some Vietnamese recently, and some of them were smoking two cigarettes at the same time. That's the kind of customers we need!

— Jesse Helms

#customers #i #kind #need #recently

I worked in the media from the late 30's through the early 70's. Politics in general became more liberal both nationally and within the state as the years passed.

— Jesse Helms

#both #early #general #i #late

Conservatism is a hard choice for a society that has become accustomed to big government and big entitlements promoted by liberals.

— Jesse Helms

#become #big #big government #choice #conservatism

About Jesse Helms

Jesse Helms Quotes

Did you know about Jesse Helms?

who ran on a platform of racial segregation. Death
Helms's health remained poor after he retired from the Senate in 2003. Religious views
Helms was well known for his strong religious views.

The Almanac of American Politics once wrote that "no American politician is more controversial beloved in some quarters and hated in others than Jesse Helms". Helms tried with a 16-day filibuster to stop the Senate from approving a federal holiday to honor Martin Luther King Jr. A leading conservative he helped organize and fund the conservative resurgence in the 1970s aiding Ronald Reagan's quest for the White House and helping many local and regional candidates.

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