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Jim Bolger

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I mean you really can target your answers to get the instant response and I think that is a very manipulative type of polling. I really have no time for that worm at all.

— Jim Bolger

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I think we have a fascinating new and quite dominant input into politics - and it wont go away. From time to time, people articulate a view that we should ban opinion polls, but that's nonsense.

— Jim Bolger

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So I think that we're in a very heightened and somewhat unusual period of politics and polling around the countries that New Zealanders take close interest in.

— Jim Bolger

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Electoral reform
Bolger opposed electoral reform but despite his party's opposition held a referendum on whether or not New Zealand should change from the British-style electoral system of 'first past the post' to one of proportional representation. In 1992 New Zealanders voted to change to the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) system. Treaty of Waitangi settlements

Bolger's government settled three major claims under the Treaty of Waitangi.

Bolger was elected on the promise of delivering a "Decent Society" following the previous Labour government's economic reforms known as Rogernomics. James Brendan "Jim" Bolger ONZ (born 31 May 1935) was the 35th Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1990 to 1997.

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