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John Fowles

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When you draw something it lives and when you photograph it it dies

— John Fowles

#philosophy #art

The most important questions in life can never be answered by anyone except oneself.

— John Fowles

#anyone #except #important #important questions #life

He was one of the most supremely stupid men I have ever met. He taught me a great deal.

— John Fowles

#irony #men

There is only one good definition of God: the freedom that allows other freedoms to exist.

— John Fowles

#god #freedom

The craving to risk death is our last great perversion. We come from night, we go into night. Why live in night?

— John Fowles


The dead live." "How do they live?" "By love.

— John Fowles

#love #love

Alive. Alive in the way that death is alive.

— John Fowles

#life #death

Art's cruel. You can get away with murder with words. But a picture is like a window straight through to your inmost heart.

— John Fowles

#murder #words #art

There are some men who are consoled by the idea that there are women less attractive than their wives; and others who are haunted by the knowledge that there are more attractive.

— John Fowles

#satisfaction #unsatisfaction #men

Think. In a minute from now you could be saying, I risked death. I threw for life, and I won life. It is a very wonderful feeling. To have survived.

— John Fowles


About John Fowles

John Fowles Quotes

Did you know about John Fowles?

Nine months and two weeks later Gladys gave birth to John Robert Fowles. With his second wife Sarah by his side Fowles died 5 miles from Lyme Regis in Axminster Hospital on 5 November 2005.

Later fictional works include The Ebony Tower Daniel Martin Mantissa and A Maggot. This was followed by The French Lieutenant's Woman a period romance set in Lyme Regis Dorset another location in which Fowles was deeply absorbed.

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