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Jonathan Taylor Thomas

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Success is not in never failing, but rising everytime you fall!

— Jonathan Taylor Thomas

#failing #fall #never #rising #success

It's difficult to have any animosity towards someone if you recognize that on so many levels they're exactly the same as you.

— Jonathan Taylor Thomas

#any #difficult #exactly #levels #many

An education is a more surefire guarantee that you have possibilities opened to you.

— Jonathan Taylor Thomas

#guarantee #more #opened #possibilities #you

I can't tell you how many shows I've done with full-blown migraine headaches.

— Jonathan Taylor Thomas

#headaches #how #i #many #migraine

I think at this point, I'd eventually like to work behind the camera. That's not to say I would never act again, I'm not quite sure to be honest.

— Jonathan Taylor Thomas

#again #behind #camera #eventually #honest

I wouldn't recommend young kids see 'Speedway Junkie.' It's definitely an age-appropriate movie - dark and realistic and edgy. If young kids want to see me, go see the Christmas movie.

— Jonathan Taylor Thomas

#dark #definitely #edgy #go #i

About Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Did you know about Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

He had a guest role on the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter in early 2004 and appeared in the WB's Smallville in 2002 and 2004. Thomas is of Portuguese and Pennsylvania Dutch (German) ancestry. Film
During his run on Home Improvement Thomas voiced the role of young Simba in The Lion King.

He is best known for his role as the middle child Randy Taylor on the sitcom Home Improvement as Pinocchio in New Line Cinema's The Adventures of Pinocchio and as the voice of the young Simba in Disney's The Lion King. Jonathan Taylor Thomas or JTT (born Jonathan Taylor Weiss; September 8 1981) is an American actor voice actor former child star and teen idol.

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