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Joseph Wambaugh

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Civil servants take forever to do anything.

— Joseph Wambaugh

#civil #civil servants #forever #servants #take

Every time I write a nonfiction book I get sued.

— Joseph Wambaugh

#every #every time #get #i #i write

I certainly believe it's over for the jury system, but we won't admit it for a while.

— Joseph Wambaugh

#believe #certainly #i #jury #over

I enjoy adapting my own work, or anybody's work. I like to adapt books.

— Joseph Wambaugh

#adapting #anybody #books #enjoy #i

I enjoy doing the research of nonfiction; that gives me some pleasure, being a detective again.

— Joseph Wambaugh

#being #detective #doing #enjoy #gives

I hadn't done anything in six years; I was just vegetating.

— Joseph Wambaugh

#done #hadn #i #just #six

I'm sure I took some licks at the system, and at trials and lawyers in general. I've seen enough of them for so many years both as a cop and a defendant in defamation cases.

— Joseph Wambaugh

#cases #cop #defamation #defendant #enough

If you take 67 brush fires times 10 years, that's almost 700 right there. Those brush fires are incredibly dangerous, all those homes going down proved that.

— Joseph Wambaugh

#brush #dangerous #down #fires #going

Jury selection is strictly an emotional process. They're looking for people they can manipulate. Both sides are.

— Joseph Wambaugh

#both sides #emotional #jury #looking #manipulate

As a cop, I dealt with every kind of bum and criminal. They all have more integrity than some Hollywood people.

— Joseph Wambaugh

#cop #criminal #dealt #every #hollywood

About Joseph Wambaugh

Joseph Wambaugh Quotes

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The anthology show covered the different aspects of police work (patrol detective undercover etc. The Blue Knight a novel following the approaching retirement and last working days of aging veteran beat cop "Bumper" Morgan was made into an Emmy-winning 1973 TV miniseries starring William Holden. Works
The New Centurions (1971 novel)
The Blue Knight (1972 novel)
The Onion Field (1973 nonfiction)
The Choirboys (1975 novel)
The Black Marble (1978 novel)
The Glitter Dome (1981 novel)
The Delta Star (1983 novel)
Lines and Shadows (1984 nonfiction)
The Secrets of Harry Bright (1985 novel)
Echoes in the Darkness (1987 nonfiction)
The Blooding: The True Story of the Narborough Village Murders (1989 nonfiction)
The Golden Orange (1990 novel)
Fugitive Nights (1992 novel)
Finnegan's Week (1993 novel)
Floaters (1996 novel)
Fire Lover: A True Story (2002 nonfiction)
Hollywood Station (2006 novel)
Hollywood Crows (2008 novel)
Hollywood Moon (2009 novel)
Hollywood Hills (2010 novel)
Harbor Nocturne (2012 novel)


(born January 22 1937) is a bestselling American writer known for his fictional and non-fictional accounts of police work in the United States. Several of his first novels were set in Los Angeles California and its surroundings and featured Los Angeles police officers as protagonists.

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