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Jung Chang

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If you have love, even plain cold water is sweet.

— Jung Chang


...go in the direction your head is pointed in.

— Jung Chang


...Inflation had risen to the unimaginable figure of just over 100,000 percent by the end of 1947--and it was to go to 2,870,000 percent by the end of 1948...

— Jung Chang


I always wanted to be a writer.

— Jung Chang

#i #i always #wanted #writer

I feel perhaps my heart is still in China.

— Jung Chang

#feel #heart #i #i feel #perhaps

I remember when my mother pointed to a stone, and she said this was the kind of stone people used to place on the feet of the baby girls to stop them trying to climb away and unbind their feet.

— Jung Chang

#baby #climb #feet #i #i remember

I think because of their terrible past, particularly this century, the Chinese have come to accept cruelty more than many other people, which is something I feel very unhappy about.

— Jung Chang

#accept #because #century #chinese #come

I was not allowed to take notes but my friend and I memorised those two and a half pages. Most people talked to me because of the warning. They knew this book was not going to be the official line.

— Jung Chang

#because #book #friend #going #half

I would love mainland Chinese to read my book. There is a Chinese translation which I worked on myself, published in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Many copies have gone into China but it is still banned.

— Jung Chang

#book #china #chinese #copies #gone

Although my book is banned I am still allowed to go to China and travel. There is no longer the kind of control that Mao used to have-there have been deep fundamental changes in society.

— Jung Chang

#although #am #banned #been #book

About Jung Chang

Jung Chang Quotes

Did you know about Jung Chang?

The failures of the Great Leap Forward had led her parents to oppose Mao Zedong's policies. Amongst their criticism of Mao Chang and Halliday argue that despite being born into a rich peasant family he had little concern for the welfare of the Chinese peasantry. She explained her change on the stance of Mao with the following comments:

The Chinese seemed to be mourning Mao in a heartfelt fashion.

Jung Chang (simplified Chinese: 张戎; traditional Chinese: 張戎; pinyin: Zhāng Róng; Wade–Giles: Chang Jung Mandarin pronunciation: [tʂɑ́ŋ ɻʊ̌ŋ] born March 25 1952) is a Chinese-born British writer now living in London best known for her family autobiography Wild Swans selling over 10 million copies worldwide but banned in the People's Republic of China.

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