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Kurt Sutter

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I'm a guy desperately in need of buffers. I have big feelings, big reactions, big emotions. All the things that serve me as an artist, but challenge me as a socially-responsible human being.

— Kurt Sutter

#being #big #challenge #desperately #emotions

All the people who follow me on Twitter know my sense of humor. I sometimes forget the blogosphere will give it more weight than I intended.

— Kurt Sutter

#forget #give #humor #i #intended

I can be arrogant, I can be insufferable.

— Kurt Sutter

#i #i can #insufferable

I've learned in most areas of my life, to bounce heated choices off other people. Co-workers, my agent, my wife, a sponsor, etc. A majority of the time, that keeps me on the right side of things.

— Kurt Sutter

#areas #bounce #choices #co-workers #etc

My wife, Katey Sagal, has transformed herself from a sitcom cartoon to a dramatic powerhouse.

— Kurt Sutter

#dramatic #herself #powerhouse #sitcom #transformed

The lazy blogosphere has given up on journalism and now trolls Twitter for their on-the-record in-depth articles.

— Kurt Sutter

#given #in-depth #journalism #lazy #now

Unlike fiction, which you create before you go into production, with reality you kind of create it after everything is produced. The drama and the storytelling is really done in post.

— Kurt Sutter

#before #create #done #drama #everything

About Kurt Sutter

Kurt Sutter Quotes

Did you know about Kurt Sutter?

Also in autumn 2008 Sutter created and executive produced a new series for FX entitled Sons of Anarchy. Sutter also directed "The Revelator". He became an executive producer for the sixth season in 2007 directed a promotional mini-episode for the sixth season entitled "Wins and Losses" and wrote the sixth season premiere "On the Jones".

He worked as a producer writer and director on The Shield also appearing on the show as hitman Margos Dezerian. Sutter's wife actress Katey Sagal is also one of the show's lead actresses. Sutter is also the creator of Sons of Anarchy on FX and writes produces directs and performs for the series wherein he plays incarcerated club member Otto Delaney.

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