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Larry Craig

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Agreements are always the product of time and place.

— Larry Craig

#always #place #product #time

Censure is a limp noodle across the wrist of the president. I think the way we vote on the articles will express the way we feel stronger than any censure vote.

— Larry Craig

#any #articles #censure #express #feel

Consumers are increasingly feeling that they are being taken for a ride.

— Larry Craig

#consumers #feeling #increasingly #ride #taken

Flag desecration is not a constitutional issue for the courts. It is a political one that belongs to the people.

— Larry Craig

#constitutional #courts #desecration #flag #issue

I urge calm and sensitivity to the fundamental civil liberties of our country.

— Larry Craig

#civil #civil liberties #country #fundamental #i

The simple truth is, the short-term solution is for the FDA to allow more importation of safe vaccines from other nations. But the long-term solution is to get more vaccine production within the U.S.

— Larry Craig

#fda #get #importation #long-term #more

We came to Iraq to liberate them and to make our world a safer place.

— Larry Craig

#iraq #liberate #make #our #our world

We do not take away the powers of surveillance. We do not take away the right and the power of the government to go after those who would do us wrong.

— Larry Craig

#away #go #government #power #powers

About Larry Craig

Did you know about Larry Craig?

I was trying to handle this matter myself quickly and expeditiously"

At a news conference on September 1 2007 Craig announced his intent to resign "with sadness and deep regret" effective September 30 2007. " Craig did not seek reelection in 2008 and left office on January 3 2009. Following the ruling Craig announced that despite his previous statements to the contrary he would serve out his Senate term.

S. Despite firmly stating that he was not and never had been gay Craig announced his intention to resign from the Senate at a news conference on September 1 2007 but later decided to finish the remainder of his term. His 28 years in the Congress rank as the second-longest in Idaho history trailing only William Borah who served over 32 years in the Senate.

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