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Larry Niven

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The gods do not protect fools. Fools are protected by more capable fools.

— Larry Niven

#social-commentary #science

The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program. And if we become extinct because we don't have a space program, it'll serve us right!

— Larry Niven

#extinction #insightful #space-exploration #insight

Mother Nature doesn't care if you're having fun.

— Larry Niven

#nature #science #nature

Never fire a laser at a mirror.

— Larry Niven


1a) Never throw shit at an armed man. 1b) Never stand next to someone who is throwing shit at an armed man.

— Larry Niven


Ethics change with technology.

— Larry Niven

#technology #change

How much intelligence does it take to sneak up on a leaf?

— Larry Niven

#hunter #vegetarian #humor

Never tell a computer to forget it.

— Larry Niven


It's very difficult for a black man to get out of South-Central Los Angeles, and get out civilized....The only men I know who have escaped, all began reading Robert Heinlein at age ten.

— Larry Niven

#reading #scifi #age

One mark of a good officer, he remembered, was the ability to make quick decisions. If they happen to be right, so much the better

— Larry Niven


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Martin and Gregory Benford)
"A Darker Geometry" contains some material previously publiLarry Nivend in "Man-Kzin Wars" volume VII. The Ringworld-like namesake of the Halo video game series is the eponymous Halo megastructure/superweapon. Laurence van Cott Niven (pron.

Laurence van Cott Niven (pron. His fantasy includes the series The Magic Goes Away rational fantasy dealing with magic as a non-renewable resource.

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