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Lawrence Hargrave

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Bent metal is worse than bent wood and weight for weight is more flexible.

— Lawrence Hargrave

#flexible #metal #more #than #weight

Common sense steps in here and says: Separate the parts you want to be mobile from the parts you want to be inert. You have seen the result, and I know many have the skill to apply it.

— Lawrence Hargrave

#common #common sense #here #i #inert

The closer the bird is to the surface of the water, the firmer and more inelastic is the uplift of the rising air. The bird appears to almost feel the surface with the tip of its weather wing.

— Lawrence Hargrave

#almost #appears #bird #closer #feel

The most ordinary conditions for observing sailing birds are then the wind and sea are both aft.

— Lawrence Hargrave

#both #conditions #most #observing #ordinary

The wings are moved several times by hand to charge the crank chamber with mixture, which flows on through the external pipe and inlet valve to the compression space and cylinder.

— Lawrence Hargrave

#charge #compression #crank #external #flows

About Lawrence Hargrave

Lawrence Hargrave Quotes

Did you know about Lawrence Hargrave?

He accepted a place on the Ellesmere and circumnavigated Australia. Work on the rotary engine which powered many early aircraft up until about 1920. His development of the rotary engine was frustrated by the weight of materials and quality of machining available at the time and he was unable to get sufficient lift from his engines to build an independent flying machine.

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